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Professional Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & Scotchgard Protection services

We, at Prolux Carpet Cleaning in Harlow, are equipped with top-level steam carpet cleaners to satisfy all situations. Our cleaners carry an exhaustive range of specialist carpet removers to achieve the best. Our complete spectrum of specialists for carpet spot & stain treatment and hot water extraction cleaning means we can provide one full carpet cleansing solution. Our Harlow CM17, CM19, CM20, CM18 clients discuss with us we provide a wonderful, comprehensive and affordable carpet cleaning. If you require resilient carpet cleaning, our industrial carpet cleaning equipment is prepared for the job. The range of products we use also includes baby & pet safe, low-irritant, environmentally friendly processes. For those of you with susceptible to breathing difficulties, we offer a 'Fresh-Water-Only' process.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning’s trained professionals are proud of providing valuable advice and best results in washing your carpets. We are proud to have a reputable valued carpet cleaning clients inside strata management, local government, commercial- and small business, domestic sectors, corporate-, real estate agencies and service industry. A large percentage of our work comes from repetitive customers, referrals and word of mouth.

Once you have used our specialized carpet cleaning services we are fully confident you will become a long term client of Prolux Carpet Cleaning.

We offer routine, emergency or urgent steam carpet cleaning services for:

  • Industrial, Office and Commercial properties (after hours and weekend service available)
  • Homes, terrace houses, flats, semi-detached homes
  • Executive flats
  • Rental studios
  • Boats, Cars, Aircrafts and Mobile homes
  • Child care centres, Churches, Schools, Community centres, Nursing homes and Kindergartens
  • gyms, Fitness centers and yoga centres
  • Dental & Health centres, Doctor surgery, Waiting rooms and Medical
  • Clubs, Hotels, Motels, Shops, Backpacker accommodation, Cafes, Pubs

We do jobs ranging from certain spot, single room or large commercial areas in Harlow, North London. The important thing to remember - the quality of our service stays exactly the same. Irrespective of what the job is, our goal is to provide you with exceptional service.

Our eight-step steam cleaning technique to guarantee best results:

Our qualified Prolux Carpet cleaner will consult you if application of carpet stain protection is recommended for your carpets, based on the condition of your carpet, its usage, carpet’s type and environmental factors such as direct sunlight, pollution, etc. Regular applying of Scotchgard ensures the protective condition of your carpet, extending its overall life and making it easier to care.

Environmentally-safe, Pet- and Baby-Safe Carpet Washing

We have environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-allergenic chemicals which guarantee excellent carpet cleaning results. These product and carpet cleaning methods are ideal for pets, babies, people that are susceptible to breathing difficulties or have sensitive skin and require the use of non-chemical detergents.

Groovy Carpet Steam-Cleaning - the Advantages

Carpet acts as a dust-screen for your working or living places. The air chastity in non-carpeted spaces usually has lower quality, because the contaminants are not absorbed around the fabric threads and lining, so you are breathing in more dust, pollens, bacteria and impurities. Having your carpet steam cleaned twice a year is a small cost to pay for ensuring a cleaner atmosphere for guests, your loved ones or personnel.

Largest carpet factories and health advisers recommend that a carpet steaming be done minimum quarter-yearly in a workplaces in North London and every twelve months in a residential dwelling places. Sometimes soft floors might require more frequent steam-cleaning if that area gets high traffic or the carpet is exposed to above average environmental factors like dirt, food and drink spills, traffic pollution, etc.

Professional Carpet Cleaning - Harlow, North London

We provide you with quality professional care for your office or residence carpet.
We perform supreme and reasonable-priced service, backed with 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. The many years of experience in this branch enabled us to develop our cleaner’s skills and apply new technologies in carpet cleaning. For a long time, we have earned and kept the honour of being among the superior carpet cleaners that people trust and expect.

Urine Stains, Anti-bacterial treatment, Dust Mite & Odour removal for any carpet types.

We have treatments for all these usual carpet spots & stains:

• beverage spills such as red wine, coffee and tea, baby formula, milk, etc.
• odours, vomit, perspiration, poo, pet & human urine and blood
• paint, nail and boot polish, body lotions, make-up and printer ink & toner
• candle wax, bitumen tar, blue tak, mud, grease & motor oil, chewing gum, etc.
• food spills, cooking and dressing oils
• pots plants, overflowing bath, water marks from leaking hot water tanks, storm water, sink, etc
• dust mite|general dust|dirt treatment is best performed by steam cleaning method.

Carpet cleaning is best performed after flea treatment - we recommend using a professional cleaner as it is important to apply the correct solution dosage, for the particular level of infestation.

Remember that we have the experience in cleaning almost all kind of stains. Do not use household cleansing agents if you are not absolutely sure of the results, otherwise you risk bleaching and/or exterminate your valuable carpet.

We are confident that you are to become amazed with Prolux Carpet Cleaning Harlow and North London carpet care and maintenance.

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