Vacuuming and dusting by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Kingston Upon Thames

Carpet Cleaning Kingston Upon Thames by Prolux Carpet Cleaning. Rug Care Services.

Welcome to Prolux Carpet Cleaning in Kingston Upon Thames!

We focus in expert cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial cleaning. We cover all areas of Greater London.

Our cleaners are highly trained, capable, and qualified. We are fully insured. We stand behind our quality unconditionally - our customers' satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Not by a coincidence Prolux Carpet Cleaning became favored brand for a lot of commercial and residential clients. All employees at Prolux Carpet Cleaning are devoted to our work.

Dirt and pollutants locked in the carpets may trigger allergic reactions as well as general worsening of asthma symptoms. Your carpets need consistent care and wash, best done by professional cleaners.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning employs experienced professional carpet-and-rug cleaning specialist. We provide superior services higher than the industry's standards. We use the latest hi-tech carpet-and-rug cleaning equipment. Our specialists get rid of dirt and contaminants from deep inside your carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Method by Prolux Carpet Cleaning in Kingston Upon Thames

Hot water extraction method has proven to be the most effective way to wash carpets and rugs. This is not only our view; it is backed up the by the big rug manufacturers.

Our portable hot water extraction machines for rug and carpet professional cleaning are one of the best in operation in the entire Kingston Upon Thames. We promise that three hours after your carpets and rugs have been cleaned by us, they will be hygienic, revitalized, deodorized, and completely dry.

Our carpet and rug cleaning experts work with the best and the most effective carpet cleaning equipment manufactured by top names in the industry.

Carpet Cleaning Kingston Upon Thames. Professional Services by Prolux Carpet Cleaning:

Our Carpet Cleaning Services consist of:

  • Allergens eradication - dust, pet fur, etc.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning - guards the health of your family and pets.
  • Bacteria removal - use of powerful sanitizers.
  • Better comfort - softer, better looking carpet.
  • Complete stain elimination
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Our carpet experts follow sophisticated cleaning procedures. We use only safe environmentally safe detergents.

Let us bring your carpet back to its earlier state! Joint the many pleased and satisfied clients.

We, at Prolux Carpet janitors safely and efficiently remove stains from your rugs.

We have been in business for over 8 years in Kingston Upon Thames. We are able to sanitize and restore all styles of carpets, textile and cowhide upholstered furniture. Ever since we started the business, our services have benefited a multitude of residential and commercial clients, like office parks, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and nursing homes, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, etc., in Kingston Upon Thames. We can maintain any carpet - domestic or commercial grade alike, in any condition.

No job is too big or small for us - we have faith we can do any work, because our crews have all abilities needed - our professional cleaners are knowledgeable, skilled, experienced, motivated, and efficient. Armed with all this, along with the right machines and methods we can clean any stain or dirt.

A lot of our business comes from recommendations. This is an attestation of our dedication to deliver kind, effective and reasonably priced services.

Carpet Washing in Kingston Upon Thames. Professional Rug Care Services.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning Services is an emblem of utmost quality services at affordable rates. We are honored by the fact that we have established long-term relationships with many satisfied clients and we remain faithful to the same basic business rules.

Please note: There is a minimum charge of £50 (50 Pounds) per visit. You can combine services such as carpet and hard floor cleaning to add up or to exceed the minimum amount to get your money worth.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

carpet shampoo by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Kingston Upon Thames
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Deep carpet cleaning by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Kingston Upon Thames
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
100% satisfaction guaranteed by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Kingston Upon Thames
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Steam Carpet Cleaning

Prolux changed my life!

It was my first year in college so moving out of my parents’ house was the moment that i

so long was waiting for. I brought all my stuff to my new accommodation with a couple of friends which were also college students, and we decided to make a big party, inviting a lot

of friends. The landowner was out of town for a few days, so we made a lot of

mess after the party. The next day, realizing that we are going to be kicked

out of our accommodation soon, we started cleaning and the mess was outrageous

place - carpets, curtains, furniture, it was a killer party I’m telling you.

When my roommate was on his PC, surfing on the web, he saw some kind of

Professional Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning. We checked the price list and having

in mind the picture samples that were uploaded in the site and also the

reasonable price, we decided to hire these Prolux Cleaners. They came on the

same day, because it was urgent and for an hour and half cleaning they made the

place look even better than it looked when we first came. They were very quick,

polite and professional as well.

Our landowner never noticed anything and

didn’t kicked us out, so that party went on! Thank you Prolux!

Susie Brown
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